Wednesday, August 6, 2014

TV program on 50 Years of Actress Kabori

A television program has been made on the completion of 50 years acting career of Bangladeshi film actress, Kabori Sarwar, who is known as ‘sweet girl’ of Bangla cinema. The name of this program is ‘50 Years of Actress Kabori’. Actress Moushumi is the anchor of this program.
This special program is made based on the acting career of actress Kabori. This program will be aired on Channel I on August 8.
Abdur Rahman is the director of this program. He said, “Different sides of Kabori’s acting career have been focused.” She was the first actress of Zafar Iqbal, Faruk Ahmed, Alamgir and Sohel Rana. Besides, some of her co-stars recalled the old memories. In addition, there will be songs and scene of Kabori acted different films.
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Kabori’s first film Shutorang was released in 1964. After that, fifty years have been passed. During this time, she has acted in 150 cinemas. Besides acting, she has also directed the film.
Kabori said, "Fifty years passed very quickly. It seemed I started acting just a few days ago. Channel I has made a television program on me. For this reason, I would like to give thanks to the Channel I authority."
Film actress Moushumi has taken the interview of Kabori. She said, "Usually I do not play the role of anchor. It is not my work also, but I cannot refuse to do the work after hearing that on what basis Channel I is planning to make the program on Kabori madam."
She also said, “Kabori has her own identity in Bangladeshi film. No one can be compared with her. She is also successful in political career as well as films. I feel happy to do the anchor in program made based on 50 years acting career of Kabori madam.” 

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